REIKI workshops and healing classes in Southampton and the New Forest, Hampshire
Learn Shantihi Reiki in Southampton and the New Forest
A simple way to bring peace, well-being, personal growth and healing into your life
“Reiki offers us a powerful tool to interact with the modern world and still keep in touch with a deeper level of life. It provides us with the support we need to feel strong, to let go of the past, to trust and to open our hearts to others. It helps us to experience well-being by restoring and healing our bodies, mind, emotions and soul.”

Reiki classes and workshops in Southampton, New Forest & Hampshire

Healing from the heart

Miranda Gray is experienced in a wide range of Reiki schools and has been a Reiki Master for 10 years. She teaches both in the UK and in Canada, and having recently moved to Southampton is now offering monthly Reiki workshops.
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Shantihi Reiki


Latest Reiki class dates: 2012

Level 1: 28th / 29th January 2012 - In the New Forest

Level 2: TBA - please contact for details.

Goddess Reiki 2-day workshop: TBA - please contact for details.

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Why learn Reiki?

Learn Shantihi Reiki to bring peace and relaxation, create healing and well-being, connect with a deeper spirituality and accelerate personal development and spiritual growth.

More and more people from all walks of life are benefiting from learning modern accelerated healing energy techniques. Shantihi Reiki is a high vibrational form of Reiki which has been taught in the UK and Canada for over 10 years.

Reiki is about creating well-being and healing. It is a wonderful way to:

  • support yourself
  • bring relaxation
  • create inner strength and confidence
  • re-connect with who you are
  • awaken a love of life
  • feel loved
  • energise and heal your body
  • bring healing and well-being to others
  • develop into the loving person your were designed to be

Modern life has so many pressures and strains; Reiki offers a wonderful tool to release the stress, restore peace and well being, and bring healing to our bodies and minds.

What's so exciting about Reiki is that you can do it any time, any place, anywhere and no one needs to know! You can give yourself a quick five minute boost in a lunch break, in a traffic jam, or before an important meeting. You can also use Reiki to to support your friends and family and even your plants and pets.

Anyone can learn Reiki. You don't need to believe in anything in particular; just come with an open mind and a willingness to enjoy new experiences!

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