REIKI workshops and healing classes in Southampton and the New Forest, Hampshire
Learn Shantihi Reiki in Southampton and the New Forest
A simple way to bring peace, well-being, personal growth and healing into your life
“Reiki offers us a powerful tool to interact with the modern world and still keep in touch with a deeper level of life. It provides us with the support we need to feel strong, to let go of the past, to trust and to open our hearts to others. It helps us to experience well-being by restoring and healing our bodies, mind, emotions and soul.”

How Shantihi Reiki can help

Healing from the heart

Miranda Gray is experienced in a wide range of Reiki schools and has been a Reiki Master for 10 years. She teaches both in the UK and in Canada, and having recently moved to Southampton is now offering monthly Reiki workshops.
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Shantihi Reiki

Reiki can provide us with many different levels of support in our hectic modern lives It can:

  • Bring inner peace
  • Create relaxation and stress relief
  • Offer a simple form of meditation for those who find meditation difficult
  • Restore our levels of energy
  • Bring us inner strength and courage
  • Help us touch base with who we are
  • Bring groundedness and stability
  • Encourage feelings of confidence and self-worth
  • Help us to let go of the past, old emotions and repetitive thoughts
  • Help us to feel loved and loveable
  • Enhance the body’s own ability to heal
  • Restore balance to our body, mind, and emotions, and to our soul
  • Encourage self-development and personal growth
  • Raise our awareness
  • Increase empathy and compassion
  • Provide us with a gift of love to give
  • Give us support in stressful events
  • Give a deeper sense of the connection of all life
  • Encourage trust in ourselves and in the Universe
  • Create a stronger connection to our intuition and inner knowing
  • Open our awareness to energy
  • Help us not to feel alone
  • Begin a beautiful journey of exploring who we are and our purpose in the world

Reiki is non intrusive and can work alongside other alternative therapies and modern medicine. In many places Reiki is offered in hospitals to help support patients and bring stress relief.

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